We protect the rights of people facing discrimination because of their age, race, gender, religion, marital status and sexual orientation — as well as anyone who experiences retaliation for blowing the whistle on corporate misconduct. And we fight for victims of physical or sexual abuse by law enforcement, religious and community leaders, prison officials, and others in positions of public trust. Contact us today if you or a loved one has experienced discrimination or abuse by someone in power. Together we can hold them accountable before the law.


We represent consumers who have been defrauded by large companies. If you or your loved one bought a product that is defective and dangerous, were subjected to a bait-and-switch scheme, fell victim to corporate financial fraud, or received dozens of unwanted “robo-calls” on your cell phone without your consent, you may have a legal case — even if your personal financial losses are small. Contact us today for a consultation. We can help you send a message to force corporate wrongdoers to play by the rules.


If you or a loved one were hurt or killed by the negligence or recklessness of a medical provider, we can fight for your family. Don’t let your loved one fall through the cracks of the medical system without an advocate who will hold the system accountable. Medical care should save lives, not take them. If we accept your case, we will litigate it aggressively and won’t rest until justice is done, either in the courtroom or at the settlement table.


Serious injuries ruin lives, shattering people’s future plans and limiting their ability to work and support themselves and their families — forever. When a collision or other accident catastrophically injures — or even kills — your loved one, you can never replace them. You can hold the wrongdoer accountable, though, and seek a measure of compensation for the enormous loss and impact on your life. We will stand beside you in dark times and stand up for you in the courtroom. Together we will seek accountability and justice, and hopefully begin the process of healing.


Have you witnessed corporate fraud that cheats taxpayers or shareholders, exposes patients, soldiers, inmates, or others to danger, or illegally harms consumers or competitors? Federal and state laws can protect whistleblowers who are brave enough to expose corporate cheating, particularly when the fraud causes federal and state programs like Medicare, Medicaid, TennCare, the Veterans’ Administration, or the Defense Department to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money. If you are considering blowing the whistle on corporate fraud, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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